About the SDEIC

The mission of the Sudbury Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission (SDEIC) is to support diversity, achieve equity, and foster inclusion for every member of this community, respecting all aspects of identities.

The SDEIC is composed of fourteen (14) voting members from a pool of Sudbury resident-applicants and additional nonvoting advisors from the Sudbury Police Department, Sudbury Public Schools, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Select Board, and Sudbury Clergy Association.

The Select Board provided the SDEIC with the following goals:

  1. The Commission will meet at least monthly to hear testimony from towns people, deliberate on those discussions and submit a report within the first year, including an action plan, to the Select Board which will then oversee the implementation of the recommended actions. To accomplish this goal, the Commission will:

a. Provide training for the members to self-examine and recognize their own experience with historically disenfranchised populations and unconscious bias.

b. Gather first-hand experiences in Sudbury from historically disenfranchised populations.

c. Solicit feedback from town departments, boards, and committees.

d. Collaborate with groups operating in town that are focused on related issues.

e. Facilitate discussions and education forums for town residents about issues of diversity, equity,and inclusion.

  1. The Commission will identify ways to promote awareness, engagement, and community building around diverse experiences and to create a more inclusive community, including:

a. Brainstorm possible actions that can be taken to address any problems/issues found.

b. Leverage final report as presented to the Select Board documenting the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in town to make appropriate recommendations and address any problems found.

3. The Select Board, in partnership with the Commission, to present findings to the town.

To learn more about the SDEIC, including information on upcoming meetings and how to apply to become a member, please visit the Town of Sudbury DEI Commission website page.

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